Features Overview

The AssessLinkPE app is the first of its kind combining the automatic analysis of human movement combined with the ability to customize the locations on the video timeline that gives the user maximum control over assessment scoring.  But there are many more features that makes our motor skill testing program the best solution for teachers wishing to improve their practice.



The AssessLinkPE app unique algorithm automatically identifies a student's movement and scores it against the biomechanics research.  No need for countless hours writing down test results


Adjustable Timeline 

Our algorithm for analyzing movement is the first of its kind.  However there are occasionally errors in identifying the phases of the movement.  This feature allows the user to adjust where the phase is identified so they can ensure the body joint data is being calculated at the correct location.   



Record a students' test then quickly save and select a new student to test from the same window.  This will save time when assessing multiple students on one class period.


Export Data

Data is only useful if you can use it to improve instruction and evaluate student performance.  We believe that you own your data and we want you to access it.  Student skill assessment results are available by exporting to a .csv (comma separated value) and importable into any spreadsheet program.  



Embedded in the scoring report are verbal feedback cues to provide the student with the necessary information about how to correct their movement pattern.  


simple to operate

1) Select student name, 2) select skill to be tested, 3) click record, 4) click stop, 5) click save, 6) select next student, 7) repeat....  We know how complicated software can be and we want to make our app as simple as possible.  We studied physical education teacher's technological IQ to determine how best to use the software.