We currently have 9 skills in the AssessLinkPE app available for teachers to use for assessing their students.  In alignment with the Shape America grade level outcomes, we have 4 locomotor tests, 4 motor skill tests using manipulatives, and 1 FitnessGram® Fitness Test.  

FitnessGram® 90° Push-Up 

This revolutionary addition to the AssessLinkPE software will forever change fitness testing.  Now you do not have to spend time counting push-ups.  With the AssessLinkPE fitness app students can test each other while you continue teaching.  This app will bring legitimacy to an otherwise invalid and unreliable test for students.  Contact Us for more details



Skipping is one of the core fundamental motor skills for young students.  Our skipping test consists of 3 phases: Double Support, Single Support, and Flight.  Since this is a cyclical locomotor skills, these phases repeat throughout the movement.  The best 3 consecutive phases are used to evaluate mechanics and the total number of consecutive steps with the proper sequence.


Overhand Throw

Clearly we could not have fundamental motor skill test without a manipulative like overhand throw.  Overhand throw is also our most complicated of our skills having the most complex variables.  There are 5 phases: Ready Position, Stride, Arm Cocking, Ball Release, and Follow-Through.  Currently every value within this skills is weighted equally.


Soccer Kick

Expanding on our manipulative offerings we want to include a motor skill that involves the legs and feet.  There are 4 phases: Approach, Plant Loading, Contact, and Follow-Through


Volleyball Forearm Pass

This skill is designed for our more advanced students and elementary students in the upper grades.  We designed this test in alignment with USA Volleyball's coaching curriculum.  There are 4 phases: Ready Position, Movement to Ball, Contact, and Follow-Through.



This locomotor skill requires a student to jump into the air off one foot and land on the opposite foot.  The algorithm can determine which leg the student is leaving from and then determine which foot is landed on.  There are 3 phases: Single-Support, Flight, and Touchdown.



Galloping, like skipping, is considered a fundamental movement skill.  This is also appropriate for the lower grades and can be mastered quickly.  The are 3 phases: Double-Support, Single-Support, and Flight.  The best 3 consecutive phases is used for scoring, and, the number of correct steps in sequence are recorded as well.


Vertical Jump and Land

Also considered at fundamental motor skill, vertical jump and land is an assessment use to insure students know how use the stretch-reflex mechanism in the body to produce force.  There are 5 phases: Ready Position, Pre-Jump, Flight, Touchdown Start, Touchdown End.  Touchdown start is not included in overall student scoring.  We also monitor Q-Angles to measure weakness in the hips, and an estimated Flight Distance is also measured.


Tennis Forehand

In order to get provide a well-rounded battery of tests for the AssessLinkPE app, we needed a striking skill.  The tennis forehand assessment is based off of USTA's coaching education curriculum.  There are 5 phases: Ready Position, Split Step, Backswing, Contact, and Follow-Through