Develop skills for your child

The intention of developing this app is to provide educators with the tools necessary to enrich their instruction.  We want ALL children to develop a fundamental level of physical skills, so they can continue to grow as they go through adolescence.  Current tests fall short because of their simplicity, with the AssessLinkPE software students can get a detailed score at any level, even at the highest level.

Compare against statistical norms

Find specific areas to improve

The AssessLinkPE software aims to provide teachers with advance testing tools so that they can ensure every student is learning and performing at their highest potential.  We all want our children to do their best, and their interest and passion for sports and recreation is parallel to none.  This software can totally revolutionize the way children learn motor and sports skills and is easy enough that they can even operate the program themselves.  This can be used at home to help children advance their understanding and evolve and grow as physically literate people.