From the outset of our company founding, we are aware the financial difficulties school districts are under, and more specifically, physical education departments.  We aim to deliver the highest quality assessment tool on the market at a price far lower than any other software.  We offer software licenses in several tiers, as well as full turnkey packages of hardware and software.  Contact Us for special quotes or questions about pricing


ANNUAL license $99

We are now excited to offer a more flexible payment option for schools and teachers to start user our revolutionary new assessment tool. The annual fee would provide users with 365 days of using the AssessLinkPE app without any long-term commitment. The annual license does cap at 250 students, but of course we can provide you with any other quantity of students for an additional $99.

PERMANENT license $750

This is our base package for the average school with 250 or less students.  We have priced this package for $3/seat for a lifetime license.  That means you pay once and use it for life.  Any updates that come in future releases would be available for you for free.  This is our way of saying thank you for take a chance on our young and innovative concept.

Extended License $2,000 (501-750 Students)

After the first 500 students on the base license, the price drops to $2/seat for a lifetime license.  Same as our base package, this allows a lifetime of updates and future releases for free.  We currently do not have the ability to manage licenses 1 student at a time, thus our packages are in 250 student increments.

PE Skill Testing Results from the AssessLinkPE app

district license $3,000 (1,001-1,500 students)

Once your district has decided to adopt AssessLinkPE for your physical education assessment, we continue to offer you savings.  The District License is priced at $2/student after 1,000 students.  We can divide these up however you and colleagues like so that each teacher/building can have their own copy.