Real Assessments, Objective Data

As the leader of a school or organization you realize the importance of data that can tell you something about teacher and student performance.  Physical Education has been a particularly difficult area to capture data through assessment due to the nature of the discipline.  Either the information about the motor learning is subjective or is too simplistic to derive a deep understanding about what the student knows and needs to know.  The AssessLinkPE software has eliminated all of those previous constraints and can provide teachers and administrators detailed information about student growth with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.  



We want AssessLinkPE to be used across all of education so that as many as children as possible can benefit from a higher level of motor skill. 


1-250 Seats:  $99/yr (250 seat Min.)
251-500 Seats: $199/yr
501-750 Seats: $299/yr
(all licenses are for 365 days)


1-250 Seats:  $750 (250 seat Min.)
251-500 Seats: $3/Student
501+ Seats: $2/Student
(all permanent licenses are lifetime with updates, no annual fee)


Helping students grow

There is no better place than the physical education classroom that sees the positive impact of a student growth model.  Traditionally it has been difficult to achieve a detailed level of individuality tailored instruction for students in physical education as it relates to learning skills.  Now with the AssessLinkPE software, teachers can have detailed information about their students’ level of understanding and put interventions to work as soon as possible.  


Shape America.png

Built upon national standards

In the revised 2013 Shape America Grade Level Outcomes, many standards are described with such language as: “[student] throws overhand demonstrating 2 of 5 critical elements of a mature pattern (S1.E14.2)”  Shape America is the organization the develops physical education’s national standards.  In these documents they do wonderful job of setting a framework, but they do not specify what the 5 critical elements of mature pattern are for overhand throw.  The AssessLinkPE software has well over 100 critical elements and scores each of them instantly allowing for students to show growth and hit benchmark standards.

useful data

Included in the AssessLinkPE software is the capacity to export the test results into spreadsheets for macro analysis.  Also included, the app can export individual student videos to various platforms for them to review on their own, or to share with parents.  If your school organization uses cloud storage platforms, the videos can also be stored using one of these services.  We aim to serve the educators that use our software and we develop these simple features with the educators in mind.